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Andrew Canning

Andrew Canning
Staff Scientist (LBNL)
Professor (Adjunct) Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Dept. UC Davis.
Phone: +1 510 495 2962
Fax: +1 510 486 5812

Andrew Canning obtained his PhD in Computational Physics on disordered magnetic systems from Edinburgh University. After that he moved to Switzerland as a postdoc to work in Prof. Enz's group with M. Droz at Geneva University and then a staff position in Prof. Car's group at the EPFL(IRRMA)  paid by Cray Research where he focused on first-principles electronic structure methods based on the Car-Parrinello approach. After working in Prof. Car's group for three years with G. Galli and F. Mauri he came to work at LBNL in 1998 and is now a staff scientist in the Computational Chemistry, Materials and Climate group. His research has focused on the development of new computational and mathematical methods for first principles calculations particularly parallel algorithms for large scale parallel computers. He has worked on and contributed to the materials science codes: PARATEC, PEtot, PEscan, FLAPW, LSMS and BerkeleyGW. He has also worked in many application areas ranging from complex magnetic systems, nanostructures to actinide/lanthanide materials and gamma ray detectors. He is a reviewer for many physics and computational science journals and served on many technical committees for conferences such as SC and IPDPS. He is a Professor (adjunct) at UC Davis where he teaches a graduate course on quantum molecular modeling.

Major Awards:

Gordon Bell Prize Performance 1998

Smithsonian Laureate (Computerworld) 2000

Gordon Bell Prize (Honorable Mention) 2001

Best Paper Award IPDPS conference 2007

Elected Fellow of the American Physical Society in the Division of Computational Physics 2014

Present postdocs and Ph.D. students:  Mauro Del Ben (CRD), Sri (Das) Pemmaraju (MSD)

Alumni postdocs and Ph.D. students: David Raczkowski, Joonhee An, Christof Voemel, Byounghak Lee, Anurag Chaudhry (Student, UC Davis), Manisha Gajbe (Student, GIT), Byoungseon Jeon, Gaigong Zhang (Student, UC Davis, LSD), Slim Chourou (CRD), Bharat Medasani

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Journal Articles

Jessica B. Voytek, Bradley Voytek, "Automated cognome construction and semi-automated hypothesis generation", Journal of Neuroscience Methods, June 2012, 208:92–100,