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Reactive Transport for Carbon Sequestration


Simulated saturation index (slice plane) and image data resolution in simulation (1 micron) of a subsurface pore scale model.

Adaptive Dynamical Core for Climate Applications


Cut­‐away of a cubed sphere atmosphere test problem, showing a Hadley cell-­like vertical velocity field.

Ice Sheet dynamics in Climate applications


Schematic showing computed ice velocity for Antarctica (right), and (left) meshing and grounding line location for the Pine Island Glacier. From the BISICLES project.

The Applied Numerical Algorithms Group (ANAG) develops advanced numerical algorithms and software for partial differential equations integrated with the application of the software to problems of independent scientific and engineering interest. The primary focus of our work is in the development of high-resolution and adaptive finite difference methods for partial differential equations in complex geometries with applications to DOE-mission applications including porous media flows, magnetohydrodynamics, industrial problems, climate, and fusion energy.

Group Leader: Dan Martin