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Kevin Gott (NERSC)

Kevin Gott is a NERSC Consultant working in the application performance group (APG) at NERSC, and a member of the  ECP-funded AMReX Co-Design Center.


In his time with NERSC as a NESAP postdoc, Kevin has worked on the expansion, implementation and parallelization of AMReX's internal profiler, ProfVis. He has also implemented vectorization and OpenMP multi-threaded techniques to substantially improve the runtime of the force calculation of the DFT solver PARSEC. He has also worked on a joint LLNL project to optimize and expand an arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian, automatic mesh refinement hydrocode for application on Cori. He implemented the code to study Extreme UltraViolet (EUV) lithography and its application for next-generation computer hardware.

Kevin graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with an MS and PhD in Mechanical Engineering. His focus was computational fluid mechanics, heat transfer and thermodynamics using finite-volume, Monte Carlo and first-principles techniques. In his dissertation, he created a hybrid CFD-DSMC solver and studied its application for the modeling of physical vapor deposition technologies. He has also worked on a variety of numerical computation projects, including the thermal modeling of copper-diamond composite interfaces, anistropic heat sinks and lone star ticks.