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Jackie Zhi Yao

Jackie Yao 0006 v2
Jackie Zhi Yao
Luis W. Alvarez Postdoctoral Fellow
MS #50A-3011
1 Cyclotron Rd
Berkeley, CA 94720 US

Jackie Zhi Yao the 2019 Luis W. Alvarez Postdoctoral Fellow in Computing Sciences with the Center for Computational Sciences and Engineering (CCSE) in the Computational Research Division of the Computing Sciences Directorate at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Jackie has a combined background of computational science and domain sciences of waves, materials, and wireless techniques. She currently targets at modeling multiphysics coupling effects previously disregarded due to the difficulty in existing numerical solutions. In this new approach, she intends to include linear/nonlinear effects from quantum to classical, nanometer to centimeter (multiscale), and DC to THz (multi-temporal), providing a pathway to engineer light-matter interaction of critical importance to future devices and computation methods.

Prior to joining LBNL on Nov. 2019, she obtained both the Ph.D. and M.S. degrees from Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at UCLA.

Journal Articles

  • Z. Yao, S. Tiwari, T. Lu, J. Rivera, K. Luong, R. N. Candler, G. P. Carman and Y. E. Wang, "Modeling of multiple dynamics in the radiation of bulk acoustic wave (BAW) antennas," accepted by IEEE Journal on Multiscale and Multiphysics Comput. Techniques, Sep. 2019.
  • J. D. Schneider, J. P. Domann, M. K. Panduranga, S. Tiwari, P. Shirazi, Z. Yao, et al., "Experimental demonstration and operating principles of a multiferroic antenna," Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 126, 224104, Dec. 2019.
  • H. Cui, Z. Yao and Y. E. Wang, "Coupling electromagnetic waves to spin waves: a physics-based nonlinear circuit model for frequency-selective limiters," IEEE Trans. Microw. Theory Tech., vol. 67, pp. 3221-3229, Jun. 2019.
  • Z. Yao, R. U. Tok, T. Itoh and Y. E. Wang, "A multiscale, unconditionally stable time-domain (MUST) solver unifying electrodynamics and micromagnetics," IEEE Trans. Microw. Theory Tech., vol. 66, pp (99): 1-14, May 2018.
  • Z. Yao, Y. E. Wang, S. Keller, G. P. Carman, "Bulk acoustic wave mediated multiferroic antennas: architecture and performance bound," IEEE Trans. Antennas Propag., vol. 63, pp. 3335-3344, Aug. 2015.

Conference Papers

  • Z. Yao, H. Cui, T. Itoh, and Y. E. Wang, "Multiphysics time-domain modeling of nonlinear permeability in thin-film magnetic material," Proc. IEEE International Microwave Symp. (IMS), pp. 208-211, Jun. 2018.
  • (Best Student Paper) Z. Yao and Y. E. Wang, "3D unconditionally stable FDTD modeling of micromagnetics and electrodynamics," Proc. IEEE International Microwave Symp. (IMS), pp. 12-15. Jun. 2017.
  • H. Cui, Z. Yao, C. Tao, Y. E. Wang, "Nonlinear equivalent-circuit model for thin-film magnetic material based RF devices," Proc. IEEE MTT-S Int. Microwave Workshop Series on Advanced Materials and Processes for RF&THz Applications (IMWS-AMP), pp. 1-3, Jul. 2018.
  • Z. Yao and Y. E. Wang, "3D modeling of BAW-based multiferroic antennas," Proc. IEEE International Symp. Antennas Propag. & USNC/URSI National Radio Science Meeting (APS/URSI ), pp. 1125-1126, Jul. 2017.
  • Z. Yao and Y. E. Wang, "3D ADI-FDTD modeling of platform reduction with thin film ferromagnetic material," Proc. IEEE APS/URSI, pp. 2019-2020, Jun. 2016.
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  • Z. Yao, Q. Xu and Y. E. Wang, "FDTD analysis of platform effect reduction with thin film ferrite," Proc. IEEE Radio and Wireless Symposium, pp. 59-61, Jan. 2015.
  • Z. Yao and Y. E. Wang, "Dynamic analysis of acoustic wave mediated multiferroic radiation via FDTD methods," Proc. IEEE APS/URSI, pp. 731-732, Jul. 2014.