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Amneet Bhalla

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Amneet Pal Singh Bhalla
Phone: 510-486-7473
Applied Numerical Algorithms Group

Amneet works on higher order finite volume discretization methods in the Applied Numerical Algorithms Group. His applications include fluid-structure interaction (FSI) problems using embedded boundaries for additive manufacturing. A major part of his research involves extending the embedded boundary Chombo (EB-Chombo) framework library for novel applications related to FSI problems. Prior to Berkeley Lab, Amneet was a postdoctoral fellow at UNC-Chapel Hill in Mathematics department. He also an industrial experience at ExxonMobil as a computational research engineer.  Amneet got his Ph.D in mechanical engineering from Northwestern university in 2013. He went to Indian Institute of Technology - Kharagpur (2004-2009) for his bachelors and masters in Mechanical engineering .  

Submitted for publication

  1. N.K. Patel, A.P.S. Bhalla, and N.A. Patankar. A new constraint-based formulation for fully-resolved computational neuromechanics of swimming animals. Submitted. 
  2. A. P. S. Bhalla, M. G. Knepley, M. F. Adams, R. D. Guy, and B. E. Griffith. Scalable smoothing strategies for a geometric multigrid method for the immersed boundary equations. Submitted (arXiv

Journal Articles

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