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The Computational Research Division (CRD) is looking for talented and motivated Postdoctoral Research Fellows to conduct leading-edge research, publish and present their findings, collaborate with others in academia and industry, and contribute to the advancement of technology, all while receiving a competitive salary and excellent benefits.

Postdoctoral appointments require a Ph.D. in computer or data science, or any other relevant computational science discipline (received within the last three years). Candidates are hired to support projects within the division's departments, described below.

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Applied Mathematics Department

The Applied Mathematics Department develops advanced mathematical models and efficient computational algorithms for solving a broad range of scientific and engineering problems. Some of the current scientific and engineering areas include accelerator physics, astrophysics, climate, combustion, and seismic imaging. Many of the algorithms have scalable implementations that are targeted at current and next-generation massively parallel computer architectures, such as those available at the DOE National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center.

Computational Science Department (CLS)

The CLS Department performs innovative research that enhances high-performance computational science application codes used in scientific discovery across a broad range of scientific disciplines.  Current research areas include data management and analytics for biosciences, development of high-performance computing software for chemistry and material science, modeling and analysis of extreme weather and climate events, developing and deploying simulation and data analysis tools for cosmology, and delivering infrastructures for scientific data exploration in experimental physics and X-ray science.

Computer Science Department (CS)

The CS Department performs innovative research that enhances high performance computational science application codes used in scientific discovery across a broad range of scientific disciplines. Current research areas include advanced programming systems, parallel languages, computer architecture, advanced operating systems, and runtimes, benchmarking and performance modeling, performance optimization, and advanced algorithm development.

Data Science and Technology Department (DST)

The DST department projects span a diverse set of activities, ranging from data management; data movement; statistical, topological, and geometric analysis; computer vision; visualization; user-interface design; usability; and end-to-end data-intensive system architecture and deployment. Our program activities range from basic and applied research to the deployment of software tools and systems.

How to apply

For a list of all our current postdoc openings and to apply online, please visit the Berkeley Lab jobs website.

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CRD’s Postdoc Mailing List is open to current students and graduates as well as representatives of universities, academic staff and advisors, and career centers interested in new postdoc positions in CRD.

If you are a current or graduate student interested in joining the mailing list, please complete the Student/Graduate Mailing List request.

If you represent a university, outside organization, or career center, please complete the University/Career Center Mailing List request.

Postdoc Program at Berkeley Lab

For additional information regarding the Postdoc Program at the Laboratory, including benefits, please visit our Postdoc Resources website.