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Berkeley Lab Staff Contribute Papers to SIAM Conference on Parallel Computing

March 28, 2016


Every other year, hundreds of parallel computing experts convene for the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) Conference on Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing. When the seventeenth meeting in the series is held April 12-15 in Paris, France, a number of Berkeley Lab staff will contribute their expertise in papers and invited talks. The conference provides a forum for communication among the applied mathematics, computer science, and computational science and engineering communities.

The conference series has played a key role in promoting parallel scientific computing, algorithms for parallel systems and parallel numerical algorithms. The conference is unique in its emphasis on the intersection between high performance scientific computing and scalable algorithms, architectures, and software.

On Thursday, April 14, Berkeley Lab Deputy Director Horst Simon will receive the SIAM Activity Group on Supercomputing (SIAG/SC) Career Prize. Established in 2009, the prize is awarded to an outstanding senior researcher who has made broad and distinguished contributions to the field of algorithms research and development for parallel scientific and engineering computing. Simon will give a guest lecture on “Supercomputers and Superintelligence.”

Here is a list of Berkeley Lab papers in scheduled order of presentation:

Tuesday, April 12

  • Mathias Jacquelin, Esmond G. Ng, Yili Zheng and Kathy Yelick co-authored a paper on “Parallel Combinatorial Algorithms in Sparse Matrix Computation?” abstract
  • Ariful Azad and Aydin Buluç co-authored a paper on “Parallel Graph Matching Algorithms Using Matrix Algebra.” abstract
  • Osni A. Marques co-authored a paper on “Coarse Grid Aggregation for Sa-Amg Method with Multiple Kernel Vectors.” abstract

Wednesday, April 13

  • Horst Simon will participate in the session “Forward-Looking Panel: Supercomputers Beyond the Exascale.”
  • Xiaoye Sherry Li co-authored a paper on “Preconditioning Using Hierarchically Semi-Separable Matrices and Randomized Sampling.” abstract

Thursday, April 14

  • Ann Almgren will, as one of seven invited speakers, present on "Next Generation AMR." abstract
  • Leonid Oliker, Aydin Buluç, Rob Egan, Evangelos Georganas, Steven Hofmeyr, Daniel Rokhsar and Kathy Yelick co-authored a paper on “Extreme-Scale Genome Assembly.” abstract
  • Mark Adams co-authored a paper on “Progress in Performance Portability of the XGC Plasma Microturbulence Codes: Heterogeneous and Manycore Node Architectures.” abstract
  • David Donofrio authored a paper on “Emerging Hardware Technologies for Exascale Systems.” abstract
  • Osni A. Marques authored a paper onAuto-Tuning for the SVD of Bidiagonals.” abstract

Friday, April 15

  • Wes Bethel authored a paper onIn Situ Processing Overview and Relevance to the HPC Community.” abstract
  • Aydin Buluç authored a paper onThe GraphBLAS Effort: Kernels, API, and Parallel Implementations.” abstract
  • Wibe A Bert. De Jong authored a paper on “Advancing Algorithms to Increase Performance of Electronic Structure Simulations on Many-Core Architectures.” abstract
  • John Shalf and David Donofrio co-authored a paper on “Helping Applications Reason about Next-Generation Architectures through Abstract Machine Models.” abstract
  • Francois-Henry Rouet, Pieter Ghysels and Xiaoye Sherry Li co-authored a paper on “A Comparison of Parallel Rank-Structured Solvers.” abstract
  • Mathias Jacquelin, Esmond G. Ng, Yili Zheng and Kathy Yelick co-authored a paper on “Scheduling Sparse Symmetric Fan-Both Cholesky Factorization.” abstract
  • François-Henry Rouet and Xiaoye Sherry Li co-authored a paper on “Algebraic and Geometric Low-Rank Approximations.” abstract