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DAHLIS Lead PI (INRIA Rennes) Christine Morin
DAHLIS Lead at LBNL Deb Agarwal
DAHLIS Cybersecurity Lead at LBNL Sean Peisert
DAHLIS Cybersecurity Postdocs at LBNL Anna Giannakou (INRIA Rennes PhD Student → LBNL Postdoc)
DAHLIS Cybersecurity Graduate Students at LBNL Amir Teshome Wonjiga (LBNL/INRIA Rennes)

DALHIS – Data Analysis on Large-scale Heterogeneous Infrastructures for Science

The DALHIS associate team is a collaboration between the Myriads Inria project-team (Rennes, France), Avalon Inria project-team (Lyon, France) and the LBNL Data Science and Technology (DST) department (Berkeley, USA).

Data produced by scientific instruments (large facilities like telescopes or field data), large-scale experiments, and high-fidelity simulations are increasing in magnitude and complexity. Existing data analysis methods, tools and infrastructure are often difficult to use and unable to provide the complete data management, collaboration, and curation environment needed to manage these complex, dynamic, and large-scale data analysis environments. It is important to treat data as a first class discoverable dynamic resource in the context of collaborative analytics. Enabling the integrated scientific data analysis ecosystem is key to accelerating the pace of scientific insight.

This page covers the portion of DAHLIS focusing on cybersecurity R&D for science.

More information is available on other LBNL R&D projects focusing on cybersecurity in general, as well as specifically on past HPC Security projects.