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Burlen Loring

Burlen Loring
Computer Systems Engeineer
Phone: +1 510 486 7238
Fax: +1 510 486 5812

Conference Papers

Mehmet Balman, Eric Pouyoul, Yushu Yao, E. Wes Bethel, Burlen Loring, Prabhat, John Shalf, Alex Sim, and Brian L. Tierney, "Experiences with 100G Network Applications", In Proceedings of the Fifth international Workshop on Data-intensive Distributed Computing, in conjunction with ACM High Performance Distributing Computing (HPDC) Conference, 2012, Delft, Netherlands, June 2012, LBNL 5603E, doi: 10.1145/2286996.2287004

100Gbps networking has finally arrived, and many research and educational in- stitutions have begun to deploy 100Gbps routers and services. ESnet and Internet2 worked together to make 100Gbps networks available to researchers at the Super- computing 2011 conference in Seattle Washington. In this paper, we describe two of the first applications to take advantage of this network. We demonstrate a visu- alization application that enables remotely located scientists to gain insights from large datasets. We also demonstrate climate data movement and analysis over the 100Gbps network. We describe a number of application design issues and host tuning strategies necessary for enabling applications to scale to 100Gbps rates. 


E. Wes Bethel, David Camp, Hank Childs, Mark Howison, Hari Krishnan, Burlen Loring, Joerg Meyer, Prabhat, Oliver Ruebel, Daniela Ushizima, Gunther Weber, "Towards Exascale: High Performance Visualization and Analytics – Project Status Report. Technical Report", DOE Exascale Research Conference, April 2012,