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Dilip Vasudevan

Dilip Vasudevan
Computer Science Research Fellow
Computational Research Division
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
One Cyclotron Road
Berkeley, California 94720

Dilip Vasudevan is a computer science research fellow in CAG.  His current research interests include the design space exploration of Post Moore architectures, reconfigurable spintronic devices, superconducting architectures and hardware/software co-design and the development of new computing models and systems to deliver for future exascale systems.  His recent work was in ultra low power sub-threshold system design for Internet of Things (IoT). He obtained his Ph.D. in Informatics (Computer Engineering) from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

Selected Publications:

  1. Andrew A. Chien, Tung Thanh Hoang, Dilip P. Vasudevan, Yuanwei Fang, Amirali Shambayati: 10x10: A Case Study in Highly-Programmable and Energy-Efficient Heterogeneous Federated Architecture. SIGARCH Computer Architecture News 43(2): 2-9 (2015)
  2. Abhishek Roy, Alicia Klinefelter, Farah B. Yahya, Xing Chen, Luisa Patricia Gonzalez-Guerrero, Christopher J. Lukas, Divya Akella Kamakshi, James Boley, Kyle Craig, Muhammad Faisal, Seunghyun Oh, Nathan E. Roberts, Yousef Shakhsheer, Aatmesh Shrivastava, Dilip P. Vasudevan, David D. Wentzloff, Benton H. Calhoun: A 6.45 μW Self-Powered SoC With Integrated Energy-Harvesting Power Management and ULP Asymmetric Radios for Portable Biomedical Systems. IEEE Trans. Biomed. Circuits and Systems 9(6): 862-874 (2015) 
  3. Jiaoyan Chen, Dilip P. Vasudevan, Michel P. Schellekens, Emanuel M. Popovici: Ultra Low Power Asynchronous Charge Sharing Logic. J. Low Power Electronics 8(4): 526-534 (2012)
  4. Dilip P. Vasudevan, Parag K. Lala, Jia Di, James Patrick Parkerson: Reversible-logic design with online testability. IEEE Trans. Instrumentation and Measurement 55(2): 406-414 (2006)