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Computational Cosmology Center


In recent years astrophysics has undergone a renaissance, transforming from a data-starved to a data-driven science. A new generation of experiments will gather data sets so massive that their analysis will require the use of leading-edge, high performance computing resources. Continuing a decade-long collaboration in this field, the Computational Research and Physics Divisions at LBNL have formed the Computational Cosmology Center.

C3 is a focused collaboration of astrophysicists and computational scientists whose goals are to develop the tools, techniques and technologies to meet the analysis challenges posed by present and future cosmological data sets.

Group Leader: Julian Borrill

C³ People

As a center of interdisciplinary work, C³ members have full or joint positions in the Computational Research, NERSC and Physics Divisions at Berkeley Lab and the Astronomy and Computer Science Departments and Space Sciences Laboratory at UC Berkeley. Read More »

C³ Research

Members of C³ conduct research in a number of areas where high performance computing is needed to support theoretical and observational cosmology, or where massively parallel cosmology codes can help to drive computational science research and development. Read More »