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Andrew Canning

Andrew Canning obtained his PhD in Computational Physics on disordered magnetic systems from Edinburgh University. After that he moved to Switzerland as a postdoc to work in Prof. Enz's group at Geneva University and then a staff postion in Prof. Car's group at the EPFL(IRRMA)  paid by Cray Research where he focused on first-principles electronic structure methods based on the Car-Parrinello approach. After working in Prof. Car's group for three years he came to work at LBNL in 1998 and is now… Read More »

Tony Drummond

Staff Computer Scientist in the Scientific Computing Group. I have been the co-Principal Investigator in the DOE Advanced CompuTational Software Collection (ACTS) project and continues to work on the iterative methods. I am the lead designer and developer of the Distributed Coupling Toolkit (DCT) for coupling multi-resolution and multi-physics models. I have been studying and understanding performance parameters that drive the scalability of numerical algorithms and their library… Read More »

Maciej Haranczyk

Biographical Sketch Maciej Haranczyk is a Research Scientist in the Scientific Computing Group at Berkeley Lab. Dr. Haranczyk received a PhD and MS degrees in Chemistry from University of Gdansk, Poland. He spent his post-doctoral appointment as a 2008 Glenn T. Seaborg Fellow at Berkeley Lab. His research interests include development of methods, tools and approaches to enable efficient molecular and materials… Read More »

Xiaoye Sherry Li

Sherry Li is a Staff Scientist in the Computational Research Division of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. She has worked on diverse problems in high performance scientific computations, including parallel computing, sparse matrix computations, high precision arithmetic, and combinatorial scientific computing. She has (co)authored over 80 publications in referred journals or conference proceedings, and contributed to several book chapters. She has contributed to the design and… Read More »

Osni Marques

  Osni Marques is a Staff Scientist in the Computational Research Division of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. He has worked on various aspects of high-end scientific computing, including eigenvalue solvers for applications in engineering, biochemistry, earth sciences and electronic structure calculations; algorithms for dense linear algebra calculations in the LAPACK and ScaLAPACK libraries; and tools to facilitate the development and performance portability of parallel codes. He has… Read More »

Pardeep Pall

Research Interests Quantifying changes in risk of extreme weather events, and any attribution to anthropogenic climate change. Analysis of large data sets produced for climate… Read More »

Dáithí Stone

| Tags: Climate, SCG

My research interests focus around the detection and attribution of climate change and of its effects on human and natural systems.  Essentially this means trying to figure out whether and by how much human activities are causing various aspects of the climate system to change, and trying to figure out whether and by how much those changes in the climate system are affecting human and natural systems. My recent focus has been on the attribution of changes in the chances of extreme weather… Read More »

Michael Wehner

Michael F. Wehner is senior staff scientist in the Computational Research Division at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Dr. Wehner’s current research concerns the behavior of extreme weather events in a changing climate, especially heat waves, intense precipitation, drought and tropical cyclones. Before joining the Berkeley Lab in 2002, Wehner was an analyst at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in the Program for Climate Modeling Diagnosis and Intercomparison. He is the… Read More »

Chao Yang

Short Bio Chao Yang got his Ph.D in computational mathematics from Rice Universisty in 1998. He worked at NEC Systems Lab, Inc, a subsidiary of NEC from 1998 to 1999. He was awarded the 1999 Householder fellow in scientific computing by Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He joined Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in 2000, and is currently a staff scientist. His research interests include: developing numerical algorithms and fast implementation to accelerate scientific simulations developing… Read More »