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Mark Adams

Mark F Adams
Staff Scientist

I received my Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, from U.C. Berkeley in 1998 and am a former student and postdoc with Jim Demmel  in the Computer Science Division, at U.C. Berkeley.  I work in the Scalable Solvers Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and as an adjunct research scientist in the Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics Department at Columbia University.

Research Interests:

My research interests are in large scale simulations, extreme-scale multigrid equation solvers, adaptive mesh methods, and particle in cell methods for plasma phisics applications.

I work as a developer in the PETSc numerical library - developing its algebraic multigrid (AMG) framework and methods and the new Solver Integrated Tree-based Adaptive Refinement (SITAR) infrastructure. I work with computational physicists at Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) on kinetic and MHD methods for simulating magnetically confined fusion plasmas. 

Selected Papers:



  • Gordon Bell Award, Special catagory, SuperComputing 2004, November 6-12, Pittsburgh PA.
  • Carl Benz Award for the best industrial application in Mannheim SuParCup '99 at Mannheim Supercomputer '99 Conference, June 10-12, 1999.
  • First prize in student paper competition at the 5th Copper Mountain Conference on Iterative Methods, March 30 - April 3,1998.



Journal Articles


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Mark Adams, Jed Brown, Matt Knepley, Ravi Samtaney, "Segmental Refinement: A Multigrid Technique for Data Locality", Submitted to SISC, June 30, 2014,


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