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Juliane Mueller

Juliane Mueller
Research Scientist
Phone: +1 510 495 2872

Juliane Mueller joined LBL in 2014 as a Luis Alvarez Postdoctoral Fellow  and in 2017 became a Research Scientist in the Computational Research Division.  She develops algorithms for black-box optimization problems whose objective and constraint function evaluations are based on running computationally expensive computer simulations.

Research Interests Related to Simulation Optimization

  • derivative-free global optimization using surrogate models (response surface models)
  • continuous, integer, and mixed-integer optimization
  • multi-objective optimization
  • non-linear, black-box constrained optimization
  • application areas: vehicle routing, transportation network design, structural optimization, renewable energy (hydropower, kite), watershed management, optimal reliability design, global climate models, environmental engineering 

Google Scholar profile 

Journal Articles

J. Mueller, "MISO: Mixed-Integer Surrogate Optimization Framework", Optimization and Engineering, March 2016, 17:177-203,

J. Mueller, R. Paudel, J. Woodbury, Y. Wang, C. Shoemaker, N. Mahowald, "CH4 Parameter Estimation in CLM4.5bgc Using Surrogate Global Optimization", Geoscientific Model Development, October 2015, 8:3285-3310,